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Struggling to recruit?

Struggling to recruit?

The single biggest reason clients use Wynne Consulting is our ability to find people that aren’t on the open “Job Market”. That means we find people who aren’t applying for Job Advertisements, talking to Recruitment Agencies or using CV Websites.

We are seeing genuinely exciting growth in the UK job market at the moment. Over 400 recruiting firms surveyed found that the present growth in job vacancies was at it’s highest level for 15 years. That was just prior to the .com boom around 2000.

Growth in permanent staff salaries are also growing at their highest rate since before the financial crash in 2008.

The key to sustainable economic growth is business confidence to spend & invest, which manifests into a need for more people.

As a search recruitment firm, in good times our business is pretty evenly split between attrition (replacement of leavers) and growth (brand new jobs); whereas in recessionary times the growth business dries up and we primarily focus on attrition work.

Across all of our core sectors in High Technology Automated Manufacturing, Engineering, I.T., Consultancy, Utilities and Oil & Energy we are seeing a sustained growth of new job opportunities.

This increase in demand for good people puts pressure on the supply-chain, and we see an upturn in retained headhunt work where we are commissioned to go out and find specific individuals (who invariably aren’t on the active job market). This search method of recruitment is highly efficient as it pro-actively approaches and recruits individuals who aren’t making themselves available through the “active job market”.

Our research shows that around 95% of people in any given market sectors aren’t on the job market at any one time; so if you’ve only got access to 5% of the people in your market whenever you’ve need to hire you are missing out on a massive swathe of high quality people that you aren’t able to have the opportunity to recruit.

So, if you’re struggling to find the people you need don’t wait for them to come to you – get proactive.


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