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Why are Recruitment Agencies, CV Websites & Advertising failing to find you the quality people you need to recruit?

Because only around 5% of people working in any company are actively looking for a job at any one time (i.e. talking to Recruitment Agencies, replying to job adverts and placing their CV on CV Websites). This is known as the “Active Job Market” and is where Recruitment Agencies get their candidates from.

The other 95% of people who therefore aren’t looking for a job are wrongly perceived as ‘off limits’ to a company looking to recruit. Recruitment Agencies, Advertising and CV Websites cannot get access to these people, and this pool of talent typically includes the top quality people in any organisation.

Wynne Consulting was founded in 2004 to solve this problem.

We allow clients to gain access to this talent pool of high quality people so that they can recruit them. We call this pool the “hidden elite”.

In order for us to access these people our business is built on a market leading expertise and in depth knowledge of each niche market sector we service.

Wynne Consulting know all of the companies in the UK within a particular sector, who the owners and managers are and over 70% of the employees who work for them. Our in-house research team can find anyone we don’t know thus giving us 99% visibility of the specific people in any market in which we operate.

This depth of knowledge means we are able to proactively identify, approach and recruit the right calibre of people for our clients as and when they need to recruit. We don’t have to wait for the right individual to come to us we go and find them.

This gives our clients a massive advantage over their competitors as they can recruit people other companies simply do not have the capability to reach!

Our clients see Wynne Consulting as an indispensable tool for obtaining a significant advantage for their business, so call us on 03707 52 00 25 or fill out our contact form (see right) to get access to the best people today.

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