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Treating people as individuals, not commodities

Our strong relationships with the biggest and best companies in the market sectors we service allow us the opportunity to open doors and help elite professionals climb the next rung of the career ladder.

As well as finding the right people for client companies, we are also highly effective at working with talented individuals to confidentially approach target companies to help facilitate their career progression plan.

In the year 2023, we placed 58% of candidates within the first company to which they were introduced.

We spend our time talking to key decision-makers, finding out who works where, who’s leaving and who’s joining the companies in our sectors. This in depth knowledge means that when the time comes for a client to fill a key position, we have all the knowledge and expertise to find the most likely candidates, look at their current role and sound them out.

This ability to build and maintain a network of contacts and keep in touch with those ‘in the know’ means we can connect top performers with recruiting companies eager to attract the most talented people in the market place.

Many of the placements we make are of individuals that have been in contact with us for a number of years, trusting us to be their “eyes & ears” within their industry looking for the prime opportunity to move upwards in their career.

Strategically planning your career and moving when the right opportunity appears, irrelevant of the timescale is undoubtedly the optimum method for growing your career.

Our candidate services are highly bespoke so if you think our services could be the perfect fit in your search for a more senior role please call us on 03707 520 025 or complete our “Contact Us” form and one of our team can lend a helping hand.

Recommend a job or a candidate? We pay a referral fee:

If you know of a job vacancy or a talented person to suggest please give us a call us on 03707 52 00 25 or e-mail . We pay attractive referral fees for successful placements so contact us today.

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