Access the "Hidden Elite"
"The best way to predict the
future is to create it."
"The best way to predict the future is to create it." "If you're going to be thinking, you may as well think big."

Wynne Consulting is a search recruitment company with a difference; we know where and how to find you the top talent in your sector.

We pride ourselves on finding the “hidden elite”, the outstanding individuals who do not register CV’s with recruitment agencies, respond to job advertisements or post their CV’s on CV websites. These are the top quality people you need to drive your business forward and we can find them for you.

Our unique approach to unearthing the best talent is underpinned by an encyclopaedic knowledge of the companies within the industry sectors we service; and the rising stars and established professionals they employ.

Wynne Consulting specialise in the high technology, engineering and manufacturing sectors, as well as enjoying a rapidly developing influence in the financial, legal and accountancy fields.

We have access to the best people everyone would like to have on their team. This “hidden elite” of brilliant professionals who are not actively looking for a new role but could be the perfect fit for your organisation.

When you have an important vacancy or senior position to fill successfully, you need to give yourself every opportunity to find the best candidate for your role.

So to recruit the top performers in your sector and get ahead of your competitors, call Wynne Consulting now on 03707 52 00 25 and talk to one of our sector specialists today.

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