If you are out of work, do you take that job offer.
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It’s been a very tough last few years. The toughest period in living memory for the majority of people. Following the banking crisis of 2008 very few public and private sector organisations were unscathed by redundancies as management fought with keeping costs under control as income plummeted.

Many people were faced with an unemployment situation for the first time in their career, and sought advice and support from us. We were happy to help by giving good, honest advice at the most troubling of times.

Fast forward to 2016 and although the job market is much healthier there is still many individuals who approach us in an unemployment situation looking for help.

Our advice is simple.

Everything is a lot easier when you are employed, so get back into gainful employment as quickly as possible.

It does depend to a certain extent on your own personal financial strength; however we’ve heard countless stories of people who’ve received 6 months+ of salary as a severance package; who’ve then waited 3 months to start looking for a new position. They’ve then pick and choose which interview to attend, but as time ticks on they find it progressively more & more difficult to find work. After 12 months of unemployment – confidence is low and your ability to perform at interview begins to suffer badly.

The longer you are out of work, sadly the less attractive you are to an employer. It in no way precludes you from that dream job, but every day that ticks by can decrease your chances in a competitive job market.

Finding a job can be a long, drawn out process – so our advice is approach it with urgency; don’t rest on your laurels and don’t assume that great job offer is just around the corner.


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