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I was reading the newspaper recently and an article on pre-IPO HSS Hire caught my eye.

Chris Davies, CEO of HSS Hire commented in “The Times” (

“I’ve been in many disciplines. I’ve been an operations director, a commercial director and a financial director – and i’m not an accountant. I don’t ever plot or plan it. I am fortunate. I can’t remember the last job I applied for. I just seem to get the opportunity to do interesting things.”

So – how is it the CEO of a company rumoured to be valued at over £500m is able to be recruited as  an operations director, commercial director, financial director (without being an accountant) and then CEO; without ever having applied for any of these jobs?

The reason is quite simple. The vast majority of top jobs are never advertised openly nor come to the attention of recruitment agencies. If you are an “active jobseeker” many jobs simply will not be available to you.

Many jobs are filled by people who are not even “looking” for a job; intermediaries such as Wynne Consulting will act for client companies searching and sourcing the top talent for their clients. Wynne Consulting spend our time presenting new opportunities to “do interesting things” with prospective candidates.

Conversely, top talent will typically never apply for jobs, or talk to recruitment agencies. As a result, companies using conventional “reactive” recruitment methods which connect active job seekers with employers won’t ever access this talent pool that we call the “Hidden Elite”.

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If you’re reading this thinking “how do I get these jobs”? – check out our recent blog post at for some guidance on how to get the job you really want.



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