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GBUK Banana is the UK’s leader in the technology of patient moving and handling. The Banana range includes lateral transfer boards and sheets used for moving patients from a bed to a trolley or operating table, slide sheets to assist in repositioning patients in bed, and hoists and slings for moving patients in safety and with dignity. Innovative and providing excellent value, GBUK Banana products directly enhance and improve the safety and well-being of patients and carers.

We have recently moved our recruitment across to Wynne Consulting purely based on the level of service offered by Mosh.

Mosh represents his company in a positive manner we gives us confidence that he will represent us in a similar way.

Because he has taken the time to understand our companies culture he is able to offer us a more personal service when searching for candidates.

Mosh takes the time to vet all candidates and realises that the CV is only one aspect of what we are looking for meaning that we only receive candidates who match our outlined requirements as well as being a fit within our team.

We would be more than happy to recommend Mosh and the team at Wynne.