Access the "Hidden Elite"

Simon Wynne obtained a B.Eng (Hons) Degree in Mechanical Engineering with Materials before commencing his search career in 1997.

Initially specialising within the fields of Factory Automation & Control Systems Engineering, he set up Wynne Consulting in 2004 to bring its unique search service into market sectors traditionally served by recruitment agencies. Rather than finding active jobseekers, his passion is to tap into the more talented ‘hidden elite’ who aren’t openly on the job market. Simon’s objective is to grow the company to 100 sector specialists.

Simon’s specialisms:

Headhunt Search in Management, Technical & Sales disciplines. Technical expertise in Rotating Machinery, Turbo-Machinery,  Batch & Continuous Process Manufacturing, Automated Capital Equipment, Automation & Control Systems Engineering, Engineering Consultancy & EPC’s.

Simon is a market expert in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Exploration, Extraction & Refining, High-Volume Batch Process Manufacturing (Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Fine & Bulk Chemicals), Power Generation & Distribution, Nuclear Engineering, Renewable Energy, Rail, Water Engineering, Aerospace & Materials Engineering.

More about Simon:

How do you like to relax out of work?

Hanging out with my wife and my two daughters, watching Blackburn Rovers (the pleasure and the pain), road biking, reading, watching cricket, investing, travelling overseas to new places, the history of the industrial revolution (and boring my immediate family and colleagues with the details).

Describe yourself in three words:

Inspire, organise, deliver.

If you had an alternative career…….?

Professional sportsman (Any sport will do just to be 100% focused on being fit!)