Access the "Hidden Elite"

Carla embarked on her journey with Wynne Consulting in 2013 straight out of college.

She began her career on our apprenticeship programme. Over the course of 4 years, Carla demonstrated remarkable dedication and proficiency culminating in the completion of her Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 Business Administration qualifications.

Carla now plays a pivotal role in our marketing efforts; working diligently behind the scenes using her expertise to drive our strategic initiatives forward. Her responsibilities also include meticulously adding and updating crucial data in our systems. Additionally, Carla extends invaluable support to the board of directors further enhancing our operational efficiency and effectiveness.

How do you like to relax out of work?

I love to cook, if anyone in the office ever needs recipe ideas, they can count on me. I also love going to try different restaurants and cuisines, Bold Street in Liverpool is one of my favourite places to go out for food as there are so many different options. In addition to this, having bought my first home in 2023 a lot of my time is spent doing DIY, choosing paint colours and coming up with home improvement ideas. I also enjoy getting out for walks exploring the new area that I live in, and occasionally doing a painting by numbers which I picked up as a hobby in 2020.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Loyal, Creative, Analytical

If you had an alternative career…?

This is hard because I genuinely love my job, although it is not what I thought I would do when I “grew up”… if I had to give an answer, it would be a Child Psychologist. I have had an interest in psychology for as long as I can remember.