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Chatting to a couple of colleagues last week I thought i’d compile a quick quiz – it’s 3pts for “Yes”; 2pts for “Maybe” and 1pt for “No”:

  1. Do you have difficulty recruiting good people?
  2. In your sector – do you perceive the top people don’t talk to recruitment agencies?
  3. Did it take more than 2 weeks to find the right person the last time you recruited?
  4. In your experience, do recruiters struggle to understand your business and what your requirements are?
  5. Does it frustrate you that recruiters seem to promise a lot, but deliver little in terms of quality motivated candidates you can interview?

So? How did you score:

0 – 6: Your existing agencies are looking after you well – there’s likely no problems for you finding the right people to hire.

7 – 10: Hmmm, recruitment agencies are doing OK but it’s hit & miss, and you perhaps don’t feel you are able to get access to the top people in your market to be able to recruit them.

11 – 15: You’re typical of the kind of client we encounter; struggle to recruit good people, recruitment agencies don’t get you the right people, you’re wasting time on interviewing poor quality candidates and not really making much progress when you need to recruit.

The vast majority of people (over 95%) aren’t looking for a new job at any one time, so aren’t talking to Recruitment Agencies or monitoring job adverts (either online or in print). Therefore – the majority of the best people in your sector are out of Recruitment Agencies’ reach and you can’t get access to them when you are looking to recruit.

A Search company differs from Recruitment Agencies in that we focus on pro-actively targeting individuals to market specific jobs. This pro-active method makes it a lot easier for us to find the right individuals for your job, rather than relying on a finite pool of “job-seekers” – who invariably don’t have the specific skills.

Don’t over-compromise on your next recruitment – make sure you get the best people you can find in your market.

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