Why Search Recruitment beats “job market” recruitment
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As the domestic football season approaches it’s half-way point; I was chatting to a client last week and a football analogy worked really well to explain the difference between search recruitment and “job market” recruitment which Recruitment Agencies, Advertising and CV Websites use.

It’s generally considered the best football teams have the best players. True, great coaches can make lesser players exceed themselves with teamwork, organisation and hard work; but in reality the top 5 or 6 teams will compete for the English Premier League title every season. They compete at the top as they have the best players.

The best players will invariably have been signed for a transfer fee from another football team, usually of a lesser standing. The top teams spend a massive amount of time, money and effort identifying and persuading the best players to sign for their team. The best players don’t have to “look” for a move, the opportunity to sign for a better team comes to find them.

Imagine how many teams would want to sign Lionel Messi if he expressed even the faintest hint of dissatisfaction at Barcelona. It was reported that David Beckham received over 25 different offers to sign for other teams when he left PSG in Paris. In the end he didn’t even sign for any of them, he simply retired.

In recruitment / business terms – this is what Search Recruitment is. We target and recruit the best people who are in employment, not looking for a job. We invest significant time, money and effort to identify & contact the top people so that you can recruit them for your organisation.

Moving back to my football analogy and looking at the lower echelons of professional football. Lets look at 2 scenarios:

  1. Many players work on short-term contracts and will regularly become “free agents”. This basically means they are unemployed & clubs can recruit them at their leisure. They tend to be “free agents” because they are not the best players at their clubs for a multitude of reasons.
  1. Another common situation is that a lesser player at a club wants to play, so looks to leave the club. This is usually because the manager doesn’t think they are the best player in their position, doesn’t trust them to perform consistently or simply isn’t good enough for the standard their club is playing at. These players will seek transfers to other clubs, invariably at a lower ranked club. I.e. they will look for a new job.

Again – looking at this in recruitment / business terms; These 2 scenarios are what “job market” recruitment is all about. Recruitment Agencies, Advertising & CV Website deal with people looking for a job or who are unemployed. Whilst there are always good people to be found through these routes, like in football the top players don’t ever usually find themselves “looking for a new club”. The clubs will come and find them before this situation ever arises. Most top players never have to look for a club throughout their entire career.

It’s exactly the same with recruitment. Thousands of people never talk to recruitment agencies, look at job adverts or post their CV on CV Websites throughout the whole of their career.

The problem for you as an employer is that you have no way of getting hold of these people to recruit them using conventional recruitment methods.

Let Wynne Consulting help you to find the top people in your marketplace, instead of settling for whoever you can find looking for a job through Recruitment Agencies, Advertising and CV Websites. For more information on how search recruitment can help you visit http://www.wynneconsulting.co.uk/about-us/


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