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A short blog this week.

One of our clients has been recruiting 2x Graduate roles since Christmas.

They received over 200 applicants.

They interviewed over 50 of these candidates.

As part of the process Wynne Consulting suggested 2x candidates.

In the end – the 2 candidates Wynne Consulting suggested were the only 2x candidates recruited.

This is a somewhat extreme example of a typical situation that we find where a client spends a huge amount of time selecting & interviewing candidates that are not successful hires. Wynne Consulting have a laser focus on delivery with the minimum of hassle and time expended. Our expert recruitment approach means we clarify the job role at the beginning; consult on the salary & spec (as in most occasions aspirations are misaligned with what we can source) & then deliver a high quality shortlist quickly.

So what’s the lessons here?

  • We save you & your management team countless wasted hours processing & interviewing candidates; which is a considerable cost to your business as this work has to be done by highly paid, experienced managers as they are the “Hiring Authority”. It’s not possible to delegate or automate these tasks to lower cost resources.
  • The sheer amount of time taken to process this volume of applicants dramatically slows down the recruitment process; and in the times we are in where there are more jobs than candidates – time to hire is critical. You need to get these timescales down as much as possible. Anything more than 3 weeks from creating the job spec to receiving a signed acceptance it too long.

So from our vast experience what do we advise?:

  • Consider a maximum of 8-10 candidates for your job. Any more and your spec isn’t right & you don’t know what you want.
  • Interview no more than 5 candidates.
  • Keep the interview process down to a maximum of 2 interviews. The first one could be a video interview but the second one has to be face-to-face.
  • Aim to conclude the interview process in a maximum of 2 weeks. Candidates lose interest beyond these timescales.

You require expertise in both finding the right candidates; and in the art of recruitment. Get one of these wrong and you won’t get the result you need. Let us know if you need help in any of these areas.


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