Access the "Hidden Elite"

Established in 1997 Cimlogic provide Industrial Automation and Management Execution Systems for a wide variety of applications & customers – from plant control equipment to corporate Information Technology systems. The company offers a professional service in the field of process control, industrial automation and MES, utilising the latest technologies and employing engineers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. We believe that the solutions offered are ‘Best of Breed’ and as well as the supply of such solution services we also deliver the associated hardware and its installation.

“Our business requires highly skilled Software & Control Systems Engineers to deliver our solutions. It’s a specialist skillset and the biggest barrier to our growth as a company is our ability to recruit and retain high quality people. We’ve historically found that general recruitment agencies either don’t understand our business or only have access to lesser quality candidates that are on the open job market.

Having generally decided to cease using recruitment agencies, we were initially quite sceptical when Wynne Consulting were initially recommended to us, however it quickly became apparent that they have a high degree of knowledge and expertise within the market sectors they service, so can quickly identify the high quality people that we need. Wynne Consulting provide us with a small number of highly specific candidates, the vast majority we then interview and their interview to placement rate is high. This highly focused way of operating frees up our management time, we don’t waste time interviewing poor candidates and we can spend more time focusing on growing the business.

In addition, their help and advice on how to actually recruit the individuals in terms of tactics for job offers and managing the hiring process mean that we are now able to consistently recruit good people in what is a very competitive market for people.”