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FANUC UK Ltd have used Wynne Consulting as a source of recruitment for a number of years with proven success.

Wynne have consistently provided FANUC with quality candidates for technical & commercial/sales roles time and time again.

The candidates that we have recruited through Wynne Consulting have been stellar additions to a workforce which relies on innovative and creative thinkers.

In our experience there really is no comparison to the service provided by Wynne Consulting and more notably Jamie DeCruz.

Jamie is a confident, honest and conversant professional who understands the needs of the industry. Jamie is well aware that FANUC uses Wynne Consulting as an agency to alleviate the time consuming pressure of finding the right person for the job – and is clear and concise in his advice and recommendations.

This means that our management team here at FANUC we can operate freely in the knowledge that our employment wants and needs are being adhered to with our best interests in mind; as oppose to rushing into a quick fix placement which may not be productive for all parties involved.

A stand out recommendation of Jamie is the time he has taken to understand FANUC as a company. Jamie is an organised individual who goes above and beyond to provide a professional recruitment service. Jamie has continued his hardworking and detailed approached into every dealing with FANUC and we would recommend him without hesitation.

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Having never previously used recruiters, we have used Wynne Consulting exclusively for all of our professional recruitment for the last few years. It is a mutually beneficial relationship and is key to our business success.

Prior to using Wynne Consulting, we recruited through traditional routes such as press advertising & “word of mouth”. It got to the stage where we found it nearly impossible to recruit, the time it was taking our management team and and also the timescales for recruiting were prohibitive.

Wynne Consulting combine an in-depth knowledge of the UK Valves & Rotating Machinery sectors with expert knowledge in recruitment practice. They find us the right people quickly, and then guide us through the interview & offer process to ensure that we hire the talent that we need to be successful.

Recruitment is a difficult & time-consuming business with 2 core components; identifying talent & successfully recruiting that talent into our business. Joey Marston’s skill and advice takes the hassle away and lets us get on with running our business.

I wholeheartedly recommend Wynne Consulting to any time poor hirer who needs to recruit “difficult to find” people into their business.


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With over 30 years experience in design, development and manufacturing of Electro/Mechanical products, we have an enviable reputation as a high quality supplier to many blue chip organisations. We are the leading player in the custom enclosure market, offering cost effective manufacturing of in-house designs or build to print products.

“As a product designer, manufacturer, marketer and seller the quality of our people is the No1 critical element which defines the success of our business.

Rainford Solutions is on an aggressive growth strategy and Wynne Consulting consistently understand what our requirements are; in terms of both skill set and an individuals’ personality and “fit” for our business. Their ability to unearth the top talent from our industry means that we are able to recruit outstanding performers who are able to drive our business on to the next level.

I would strongly endorse Wynne Consulting as they have a proven ability to deliver high quality people to us over a long period of time. I also appreciate their upfront and honest opinion which has meant we’ve redefined our requirements on many occasions to ensure that we get the right people we need.”

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Grontmij is a leading European company in the consulting & engineering industry with world class expertise in the fields of water, energy, highways & roads, light rail and sustainable buildings. Our leading principle is sustainability by design. This enables our professionals to support clients in developing the built and natural environment. Established in 1915, Grontmij is listed on the NYSE Euronext stock exchange.

“As a world leading Engineering Consultancy our most powerful asset is the quality of our people. Our core product is expertise and we require the finest people in our industry sectors to deliver this to our clients.

Having worked with Wynne Consulting for many years they are consistently able to find highly relevant people for our requirements that aren’t on the open job market. They are extremely niche in the specific markets they service, and as a result their network of people in our market is excellent . Our people need highly specific skill sets and Wynne Consulting’s expertise in being able to identify and recruit the people we need to allow our business to flourish and grow.

I would not hesitate to recommend Wynne Consulting to any company looking for a partner who is able to efficiently recruit the right people quickly.

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Shearings has been operating for over 100 years. We are famous for our coach holidays both in the UK and Europe, however we have, over the past years, grown an enviable reputation as a short break operator, a cruising specialist and hotelier. By owning and operating 50 hotels in the UK, supported by a fleet of 265 modern coaches, we are able to provide our customers with unique and exclusive product, ensuring magical holiday memories. We have 64% repeat business and one in four of our customers travel with us more than once a year. Our brands include Shearings Holidays, National Holidays, Caledonian Travel, Coast & Country Hotels and Bay Hotels and together the group welcomes over 1 million customers a year on our holidays and tours.

“In 2005 Shearings merged with The Wallace Arnold Group creating a very large fleet of coaches with over 350 vehicles and the supporting engineering manpower and maintenance infrastructure.

Shearings is primarily a holiday provider and our coach fleet is responsible for transporting and caring for our customers en route to their holiday destination throughout the UK and Europe. This requires for an unsurpassed level of reliability and dependability and that our vehicles will operate with the absolute minimum of technical issues out in the field. To achieve this objective it was decided to appoint a Group Chief Engineer from outside the business to move our vehicle reliability and maintenance to “the next level”.

We approached Wynne Consulting as we were looking for a market specialist to undertake a focused headhunt. They quickly identified that the Bus & Coach sector was the primary target market, and following an in-depth search they delivered a shortlist of candidates with the requisite skills and experience. We successfully hired our preferred candidate and I am pleased to say that during the 6 years he has been with us he has improved our vehicle operation significantly.

Although it was a very difficult search due to the limited number of potential candidates in the UK with large fleet maintenance experience, Wynne Consulting were able to identify, approach and present to us the right calibre of candidates quickly. It would not have been possible to find the right candidate on the “open job market” so without a pro-active search we would not have found the right person for our business.”

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Formed in 1995 Optima Control Solutions Ltdis an independent variable speed drives company. This means that we are able to integrate any manufacturer’s variable speed drives in the systems we design. Having this flexibility allows us to offer products that you may have standardised on within your company, so helping you to minimise spares holdings and avoid training personnel on new products etc. Independence also means that we can recommend equipment best suited to your application, without the obligation of a manufacturers tie-up.

“At Optima we have a defined growth plan and recruiting the calibre of control system engineers that we need is key to us achieving our targets. We have tried all manner of recruitment methods but usually encounter difficulty. The market knowledge and service levels that Wynne Consulting offer has helped us manage and accelerate our recruitment process and most importantly maintain our business momentum”

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MSA are the worldwide leader in worker protection and safety product innovation founded in 1912.

“Wynne Consulting have recently worked on a role for us here at MSA. Our requirement was for a sales person to cover a very important geographical territory as a part of our UK operation. Due to the nature of the position and its importance to our UK business, it was critical that we filled the role with the right candidate, and as efficiently as possible.

Wynne Consulting are extremely specialist and go to great lengths to understand the nature and characteristics of our business. They submitted a small number of highly relevant CV’s to us and from the first to the last, every candidate had a relevant background and in many ways left us spoilt for choice. Wynne Consulting adopted a very ‘Consultancy’ led approach and listened to our requirements for the position. It was due to this that they managed to fill the role twice! In the first instance a candidate had to reject a job offer due to reasons that were out of the control of both Wynne and us here at MSA. What impressed me the most is that they accepted the disappointment and began to source for the role again without hesitation and despite competition from other recruiters found us the right candidate quickly!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Wynne Consulting to any company and foresee us having a long and stable working relationship with them.”

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Established in 1997 Cimlogic provide Industrial Automation and Management Execution Systems for a wide variety of applications & customers – from plant control equipment to corporate Information Technology systems. The company offers a professional service in the field of process control, industrial automation and MES, utilising the latest technologies and employing engineers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. We believe that the solutions offered are ‘Best of Breed’ and as well as the supply of such solution services we also deliver the associated hardware and its installation.

“Our business requires highly skilled Software & Control Systems Engineers to deliver our solutions. It’s a specialist skillset and the biggest barrier to our growth as a company is our ability to recruit and retain high quality people. We’ve historically found that general recruitment agencies either don’t understand our business or only have access to lesser quality candidates that are on the open job market.

Having generally decided to cease using recruitment agencies, we were initially quite sceptical when Wynne Consulting were initially recommended to us, however it quickly became apparent that they have a high degree of knowledge and expertise within the market sectors they service, so can quickly identify the high quality people that we need. Wynne Consulting provide us with a small number of highly specific candidates, the vast majority we then interview and their interview to placement rate is high. This highly focused way of operating frees up our management time, we don’t waste time interviewing poor candidates and we can spend more time focusing on growing the business.

In addition, their help and advice on how to actually recruit the individuals in terms of tactics for job offers and managing the hiring process mean that we are now able to consistently recruit good people in what is a very competitive market for people.”

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The Baumer Group is a world leader in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders, measuring instruments and automatic image processing. As an owner-managed family business, we employ over 2,500 people worldwide in 36 subsidiaries in 18 countries.

“As a sales organisation within the UK, our business is based on high quality technical sales professionals serving our clients. Our people need to be sales professionals coupled with strong  technical and applications expertise in our vast product range. Finding key sales personnel of a high calibre is a challenge as they rarely appear on the job market. As a result, we find that recruitment agencies, CV websites and generic advertising are limited in being able to find the calibre of people our business requires.

Baumer has worked in partnership with Wynne Consulting for a number of years in our quest to find great candidates first time.  They are able to consistently find the relevant professionals in a limited period of time.  This enables our Company to be able to function with the least down time when introducing new roles or replacing key staff. The vast majority of sales professionals that Wynne Consulting find are not actively looking for a new role.  Wynne’s role in selling Baumer and finding the perfect candidate match is essential.  The candidate is able to see the potential in joining the Baumer team along with genuine career progression opportunities long before they have even considered a career move. We find this approach provides high calibre professionals who are joining our organisation for the right reasons and whom are focussed on developing their long term career with a high quality Swiss employer.  Wynne provides candidates that commit to a long term future rather than just “badge swapping” to move from one organisation to another for monetary gain.

If Wynne are unable to provide the right candidate, they have always taken the truthful approach and been honest with their findings.  They are constructive with their feedback and we are able to either tweak role specifications or seek alternative routes to match our needs.”

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Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services is a £36m turnover integrator who have provided process and automation control solutions since the 1970s. Bilfinger has gained a reputation for providing a quality service to a diverse range of industry sectors. The range of skills Bilfinger is able to offer is comprehensive, encompassing electrical engineering, PLC systems, SCADA systems, information and database solutions, “MES” systems and interfaces to Enterprise systems (such as SAP). We have an impressive track record for providing high performance Management Information Systems within a wide range of international industries.

“ I was recruited by Wynne Consulting in 2009 as the Sales Director of HG Systems prior to the acquisition of the business by Bilfinger in 2012. Our industry is notoriously difficult to find high quality pro-active sales professionals with the required technical and commercial expertise. Using recruitment agencies and advertising is usually a waste of time. Following the acquisition Bilfinger have ambitious turnover growth plans which required us to significantly increase and restructure our external sales team within a short period of time.

We assigned Wynne Consulting to recruit 3 experienced Sales Manager’s within 3 new niche market sectors that the company had targeted for growth. This required the sourcing of 3 highly specific individuals with industry expertise and contacts who could “hit the ground running”.

As a result of a pro-active headhunt search Wynne Consulting have recruited all 3 Sales Managers to our tight timescales and within budget. Their expertise allowed us to quickly interview and recruit with minimum effort on our behalf. We gave Wynne Consulting the problem and they provided the solution with minimum hassle, allowing our management team to get on with the job of growing the business.
Wynne Consulting have expert knowledge of our industry, so they can find the right people; and are also expert at recruitment, so are able to negotiate and agree deals to hire the right people quickly and efficiently.

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