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Why we are different? Proactive search!

Wynne Consulting finds the high quality people that other recruitment organisations simply cannot reach. We have developed a unique and highly successful strategy based around proactive search. This involves us identify and approaching the top people within your market sector. We call these people the ‘hidden elite’; the outstanding candidates that reactive recruitment methods such as recruitment agencies, advertising & CV Websites cannot get access to.

Our entire business model is focused on continually developing and growing our expert knowledge of the companies and people within the market sectors we service; so that our candidates will be better and more relevant than those unearthed by our competitors. Our proactive search methods mean we know and have access to the cream of the crop in any given sector that we service.

Most recruitment companies fail to understand the technical aspects of client organisations. Put simply, they do not understand and then adopt a strategy which will give them access to the best people. We are true experts in each market sector we service. Feel free to challenge your Wynne Consulting Sector Specialist by quizzing them on companies in your sector and test their specific knowledge of key people in the industry. We are confident you will be impressed.

We always strive to work with our clients in a collaborative way, closely analysing and advising on their recruitment needs before proactively going out and finding people specifically with the skills to match the role. Recruiting anyone is a lesson in compromise and our dual expertise of market sector & recruitment craft means we are well placed to help you find the key people required to achieve your business objectives.

The elite professionals and the top performing, successful people you want to drive your business forward rarely use Recruitment Agencies, reply to job advertisements or publish their CV’s – and yet they are often ready for the next career challenge.

With our inside knowledge, expertise and an unsurpassed network of contacts in niche market sectors, our proactive search service gives our clients a better chance of finding and recruiting the best people working in their sector.

We have been adopting this proactive search approach successfully for over 18 years and we are market leaders in adding outstanding individuals to client teams and strengthening their workforce. In total our team has over 150 years experience working within Wynne Consulting.

If you are finding that traditional “reactive” recruitment methods such as Recruitment Agencies, CV Websites & Advertising aren’t able to give you what you want, talk to us today on 03707 52 00 25.

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